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Telcom & Data Introduces Premier USB MP3 Music on Hold Messaging System

Works on Any Phone System with Music on Hold Connection! - See more at:

Telcom & Data introduces the new Premier Technologies Messasge On Hold player. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than being placed on hold, but hold music can help keeps customers happier as they wait to speak with a representative. Telcom & Data proudly carries Premier’s USB MP3 Music on Hold Messaging System, which is designed for long-term, reliable audio playback and ideal for businesses that frequently changes their on hold message.

The USB 1200 messaging system is built to last with a solid aluminum case to protect it and designed with a constant power source and memory which allows it to re-boot after a power outage. The USB 1200 is combatable with standard MP3 audio and loading MP3 files onto it is as easy as plugging in a USB flash drive. When a flash drive is plugged into the USB 1200, it will automatically play from an internal speaker and download the MP3 file to its internal memory (up to 32 MB). The internal speaker conveniently allows the user to listen to audio playback during installation or trouble shooting.

Installation is simple!

Mount the USB 1200 on a wall near a phone system, plug in the ac adapter, insert the flash drive with the MP3 file on it, and connect the included audio wires to the phone system. To hear what a customer experiences simply call the phone, get placed on hold, and adjust the volume to an appropriate level.

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For learn more about the USB 1200 Music on Hold Messaging System, visit or call 800-335-0229.

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